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English (Air tanks)

Welcome to the homepage of air tanks. You have come to the right place if you are looking for top quality, safe, new air tanks we either custom make, or provide from our storehouse for you with short deadline, at competitive prices.

Full-scale servicing by the joined forces of experts who have been in the compressed-air business for years.

Air receiver tanks 

We offer a wide range of new air tanks such as:

  • Standing, or lying

  • Painted, or zinc-plated

  • Air tank we market are only to store compressed-air, water, neutral gases, such as, nitrogen, argon, helium, etc

  • Our air tanks are fixed-positioned, for industrial use, not to be used for transportation (we don’t market tanks for buses, trucks)

  • Air tanks are excellent quality Hungarian products (Made in Europe), come with 1 year full servicing support, compliant with CE (Conformité Européenne) standards and comply with 87/404 EWG

  • Air tanks are sold with 2 operating manuals and with installation licence

  • Average factory temperature of tanks is between -20 and 50°C

  • Factory pressure of tanks is either 11, or 16 bars*

  • Volume of tanks is between 90 and 10.000 liters*

*If you need a container with features other than standards, please ask for a quote 


Full servicing of air tanks

The process

  • Free consultation to help you asking for a quote, providing fair quote

  • If the deal is sealed we manufacture the air tank and deliver it to your address

  • Free delivery in Hungary



Q: What details are needed to choose the right air tank?

A: The need for the compressors air delivery and pressure capacity


Q: When will the air tank be delivered?

A: Delivery deadline depends on manufacturing speed and stock. Frequently ordered, standard air tanks are usually ready in 2-4 weeks, then we deliver them (exact delivery data is included in the quote)


Q: Should I order a standing, or lying air tanks?

A: We offer both with the same parameters* so you should get the one that fits better its installation area. For instance, if there is a narrow space assigned for it, customers usually go for the standing version.
*large air tanks can only be ordered in standing version


Q: How will the air tanks look from the outside? (color, surface finishing)

A: Zinc-plated finishing has its inherent gray-like color, but otherwise painted tanks are white or dark blue (RAL5010). For extra charge, you can ask for other colors, too. Painted air tanks are also applied protective finishing to, but zinc-plated finishing is the best solution against rusting.


Q: Is the air tanks safe?

A: Air tanks are being (water) pressure-tested before we sell them. (for instance a 16 bar tank is tested against 24 bar pressure.) This guarantees secure operation afterwards.

This information is not full-scale. Please contact our support center for further details.

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